About the Department engdes

About the Department
The economy of our Nation does not depend on the prosperity of the large-scale industries, but on the growth and development of the medium and small-scale industries. To enhance the developments in the small-scale sectors there is a need for highly skilled Mechanical Engineers. Thus it is the responsibility of each technical institute to cater to the demand of engineers with global knowledge and practical experience. To meet the needs and challenges, the Department of Mechanical Engineering in Nandha Engineering College has a firm commitment to develop and produce erstwhile Mechanical Engineers with the latest technical knowledge, good leadership qualities, spirit of competence and selflessness.


  • To prepare the students with high professional skills and ethical values
  • To impart knowledge through best practices
  • To instill a spirit of innovation through Training, Research and Development
  • To undertake continuous assessment and remedial measures
  • To achieve academic excellence through intellectual, emotional and social stimulation