About the Department


     The Department of Chemical Engineering has been established in the year 2017 with an intake of 60 students. Being among the Top 3 Industries in the World, Chemical Engineering serves Petroleum Refineries, Petrochemicals, Agro Chemical – Fertilizers and Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Dyes and Dyes Stuff, Mineral based Chemicals, Defense, Energy, Chloro Alkali, Fermentation Products, Allied Sectors such as Sugar, Paper, Cement, Paint, Food, etc. Scope for a Chemical Engineer is enormous since Chemical Engineer combines knowledge in Chemistry with Engineering. Chemical Engineer involves in varies stages of production process from design, erection to delivery.

     Keeping in mind the wide of variety of opportunities available and every student is unique so has their own area of interest, we have designed the course in such a way every Chemical Engineer will be groomed in Nandha Engineering College in their own area of interest. We have leveraged the autonomy to bring out Expert in every Chemical Engineer. Study materials and labs are designed to nurture the uniqueness in every Engineer than to nurture the standard skills.

      Our mainstay is our faculty. We have faculty who are well experienced in Industry as well as academics, a unique combination. They bring out the best of the dynamics in the industry and deliver it in a way that best suit our students. Faculty undergoes training at industry regularly and follows it up with regular interaction with industry stalwarts. Regular Industry Interaction helps in understanding the current and future requirements of the companies. Thereby, our syllabus is designed to meet the industry requirements. Our labs are boosted with advanced simulation software such as ChemCAD, AspenPlus, etc. providing platform for engineers in research and development.

     With this good start, we aspire to launch Post Graduation, Research Programs and Consulting Services in due course of time to enrich the knowledge base of our department there by helping students to get benefited.



       To produce globally Competent Chemical Engineers with societal consciousness



  • To develop skilled and employable graduates to meet the challenges in emerging fields of Engineering and
  • To prepare the students for prosperous career in Engineering / Entrepreneurship by inculcating the leadership
    qualities with professional and ethical responsibilities for the benefit of the society.
  • To encourage Research and Development in the emerging areas



  • To enable our graduates to excel in their field by keeping abreast of latest technologies.
  • To equip the graduates with unique leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • To empower the graduates to be able to explore innovative solutions to real life
  • To enable them to pursue higher studies and explore new path in teaching and research.
  • To ensure that our graduates deliver their task with ethical dimension and contribute to societal growth.


  • Accomplish the contemporary needs of Chemical and related industries.
  • Contribute to multidisciplinary research using relevant Chemical Engineering tools.
  • Acquire a working knowledge in professional courses and also frontier area of Chemical Engineering.
  • Apply and develop relevant innovative projects to optimize Chemical process


  • Inference: Ability to apply learnt concepts of Science, Mathematics and Engineering with ease.
  • Workflow Expertise: Ability to handle process from requirement gathering and design to product delivery and feedback collection.
  • Designing Solutions: Ability to handle different dimensions of chemical engineering system to achieve the desired goal.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Ability to handle members from different disciplines and demonstrate excellence in interpersonal skills.
  • Tools Usage: Ability to learn and use tools and technologies launched with agility.
  • Sustainability: Ability to understand ethical, social and environmental dimensions while engineering a process.
  • Continuous Learning: Ability to understand the significance of continuous learning.
  • Sync with Evolving Industry: Ability to understand the evolving nature of Chemical Engineering and its related disciplines.
  • Communication: Ability to communicate effectively addressing the right audience.
  • Multi Disciplinary Approach: Ability to understand the need for multidisciplinary approach to engineering involving Chemical and Management dimensions together.
  • Team Dynamics: Ability to appreciate distinctions and uniqueness of every entity and leveraging the same to achieve desired goal.
  • Knowledge of Contemporary Models: Ability to understand contemporary models and their advantages.