A value added course can increase the student’s quality. For example, offering one year course to support on respective field. Additionally, individuals can bring value to add their career, such as bringing advanced skills to a position.

The following Value Added Courses are offered to improve the Technical knowledge and to create awareness on the emerging trends in their respective fields.

  •     Design of electronics components
  •     Robotics
  •     Embedded System


Course name   Company name

Target students
and strength 

 Conducted By
1 MATLAB Programming INTERNAL II YEAR& 153 Dr.S.Kavitha
2 NS2 Programming INTERNAL III YEAR & 175 D.Arulanandam
3 Design of electronics components and PCB Design INTERNAL II YEAR &125 N.Manikandaprabhu
4 Embedded Systems INTERNAL III YEAR & 184 R.Murugasamy
5 MATLAB Programming INTERNAL II YEAR & 180 Dr.S.Kavitha
6 Embedded systems and robotics  INTERNAL  III YEAR & 151 R.Murugasamy
7 Design of electronics components and PCB design  Newton Technologies II YEAR & 170 Mr.P.Ganesha moorthy
Project Manager 
8  Programming inC & C++  Chakrika Solutions, Pondicherry. III YEAR & 106 Chakrika Solutions
9 Design of electronics Components Newton Technologies II yr & 100 Mr.P.Ganesha moorthy
Project Manager
 10 Embedded Systems Pantech  Solutions III yr & 60 Mr.P.Suresh
Project Manager
11 ROBOTICS    Techacomp III yr & 60 Mr.Akil
Project Manager
12 PCB Designing LOGIT Solutions II yr & 70 Mr.ShafekSathyanathan,
Trainer & product developer
13 Design of electronics Components II yr & 60 M.Mohammed Basha
Project Manager