Value Added Courses are provided to improve student’s vision on technologies, which helps them to better understand their academics.

Well trained professionals are invited for providing training to our students. The main scope of these courses are to provide basic knowledge to the students on emerging technologies such as,

  • .NET  (ASP .NET, VB .NET, C# .NET)
  • A+ N+ Certificate Course
  • Java
S.No.               Course name               Company name/Resource Person Target students  Strength 
1 C Programming S.Anbukkarasi, M.N.Shri Gowtham II Yr 52
2 Java with DB Connectivity S.Anbukkarasi, M.N.Shri Gowtham II Yr 49
3 Making Errors in C,C++ J. Sakunthala, S.S. Saranya  II Yr 49
4 Making Errors in C,C++ & JAVA J. Sakunthala, S. Anbukkarasi III Yr 22
5 Business Intelligence S.Anbukkarasi III Yr 55
6 Designing Tools
1.Coral Draw  2.Photoshop
Mr.K.Prabhu,  Ms.Sathya, Ms.Vanitha II Yr 20
7 Software Testing Tools  Ms.Suguna Angamuthu , Mr.Mohammed Imran  III Yr 55
8 Web Designing Chakrika Info Solution III Yr  38
9 Essential Training of C & C++ Mr.K.S. Giriprasath,  II Yr 54
10 C Programming Mr. K.S. Giriprasath, Ms. J.Sakunthala, Ms. Suguna Angamuthu, II Yr 46
11 PC Hardware & Networking Mr. Kumaresan ,Ms. Senthamarai, Ms. Padma, Ms. Kavitha II Yr 55
12 Hands on Training on Java with Eclipse Ms. M.Deepa II Yr 54
13 Microprocessor Mr. K. Ramesh, Ms.J Radha IIYr  55
14 .NET Vannam Technologies IIIYr  32
15 A+N+ Certificate Courses  Smart Technologies II Yr 35
16 Hardware & Networks Smart Technologies IV Yr  35