Capacity Development and Skill Enhancement


      Nandha Engineering College (NEC) recognises the importance of soft skills among students and employees. As a result, it organises a variety of soft skills in order to provide students with good interpersonal abilities. In this regard, it organises train-the-trainer programme for faculty members and students. Personality traits and behaviors are examples of soft skills to demonstrate their innate abilities. To enhance the soft skills Institution has organised several training programmes, Seminars and Workshops. Few examples of the events conducted are:

  • Strategies to crack Interview
  • Essential Lakshanas for Effective Learners
  • Company Specific Training
  • Placement Preparation
  • Personality & Technical Skill Development
  • Interview and Job Requirements

    The aforementioned events guided the students to communicate their views particularly during discussion activities. Soft Skills training enhances the student’s personality, which is required for placement and life. With the help of these programmes, NEC students’ got placed in reputed companies.



     The importance of language is recognised by Nandha Engineering College. Institution has offered several languages in our colleges, such as Hindi, German, and Japanese. Students who learnt more than one language other than their regional language are more likely to get placement opportunities in MNC’s and Abroad. Institution is offering a variety of language-learning programmes and also conducts seminars, workshops, conferences and competitions to improve their communication abilities.

    Students are encouraged to participate in activities beyond of their academic courses in order to develop self-confidence and a sense of balance. Several student societies cater to a variety of interests, allowing students to enhance their particular abilities and management skills. Every department has a group that recognises students’ achievements in inter and intra-departmental competitions. These organisations not only represent the institutions at numerous colleges and universities, but they also arrange competitive activities and demonstrate their abilities at NEC’s various in-house events.

The Event organised by the institution as follows:

  • Importance of Hindi for Chemical engineers
  • Speak English Movement
  • Presentation Skill
  • Importance of Communication Skills
  • Importance of Roll play in Effective Communication

    The events have been organised to cater the needs of the students. Through aforementioned programs students have understood the importance of language and communication skills.

Our Principal Dr.N.Rengarajan and the guest speaker Jc. HGF. A.P. Chandrakumar inaugurates the workshop by lighting the Kuthuvilaku


Faculties and Students gathered for the session- Nandha TED Talk Season-I


Nandha Engineering College has keen interest on students and faculty members health and hygiene. The Institution has conducted various programmes to create awareness on personal and societal hygiene which are listed below:

  • Turn a Perceived Risk into Asset
  • Philosophy of Yoga and Its Application
  • Personality Traits For Student Success
  • Awareness Programme on Anti-ragging
  • Motivation Towards Team work
  • Motivating Yourself and Others
  • Eradication of ProsopisJuliflora(karuvelamMaram) at Mettukadai

Above mentioned events help the students to understand the importance of life skills and also physical fitness, health and hygiene.


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    Nandha Engineering College has arranged various programs on trends and technology. The main outcome of the programme is to create awareness among the students about recent trends and technology in Engineering and Business sector. The events on awareness of trends in technology are as follows.

  • Ways of effective Wealth creation
  • Industry Awareness Program pertaining to latest Tools and Technology
  • Innovation and start up scope in AL and ML
  • Recent technologies in IT
  • Need in Corer Industry
  • IOTRONICS Project Design
  • Need in Quality
  • Code Building in JAVA
  • Angular JS Tool



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