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Cultural Club



  •     Ms. Abila Anju   AP/CSE


Students will develop a series of challenging physical obstacles an individual must navigate usually like running, climbing, jumping, crawling and balancing. They can test the coordinators and teamwork of people giving the restrictions in this unique game of body and mind. Students can test their physical and mental abilities to the peak.   At the end of the course the students will be physically and mentally free and also it leads to have confidence in their teamwork.


  • Classical dance
  • Western dance
  • Fusion Dance
  • Folk dance

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Club Members


Personality & Character Development Coordinators :Dr. EASWARAMOORTHI. M and K.E.ESWARI, ASP/MCA

S.No. Club Name I YEAR – Coordinators II YEAR – Coordinators
1 Cultural club Ms. Abila Anju AP/CSE Ms. Abila Anju AP/CSE
2 Fine Arts Club Ms. Sugana Angamuthu AP/IT Ms. Sugana Angamuthu AP/IT
3 Music Ms. Shanmuga Priya K AP/CSE Ms. Shanmuga Priya K AP/CSE
4 NSS Club Dr. Sharmilee. J ASP/ECE 
Mr. Ravivarman R AP/PHY
Mr.Muruganantham S, AP/MECH
Ms. Priyadharsini. M AP/Maths/ECE 
5 Photography Club Dr. Sadagopan K, Librarian
Mr. Krishnagandhi P  AP/EEE
Dr. K.Sadagopan, Librarian
Mr. Krishnagandhi P AP/EEE
6 Road Safety Club Mr. Abhul Hameed A AP/CIVIL
Ms. Amutha Praba J AP/Maths
Mr. Abhul Hameed A AP/CIVIL
Ms. Amutha Praba J AP/Maths
7 Sports Club Mr. K.Sakthisaravanan AP/Chemical
Mr Ravichandran AP/EEE
Ms. Niji AP/ECE
Mr. Mohan K S AP/PHY   
Ms. Niji AP/ECE
8 Tree Plantation Club Mr.Praveen Santhosh Kumar G AP/ECE
Ms.Indumathi N M   AP/EEE  
Mr.Arulkarthick E K AP/ECE
Mr.Praveen Santhosh Kumar G AP/ECE  
9 Trekking Club Mr. Velliyangiri B AP/MECH
Dr. Saravanan J AP/ENG
Ms. Loganayaki P AP/MATHS
Mr. Murugapandian G S AP/MATHS
Ms. Amutha R ASP/MATHS
10 YRC Club  Mr.Karthikprabhu AP/EEE Ms. Megala A AP/MATHS