As per the University regulations, the students have to submit a project work in the final year. Only individual project is encouraged as per University norms. Each student is guided by an internal staff. The students are allowed to do the project work only in companies. They are allowed to approach any sponsored project that has innovative ideas.The students are motivated and  stream  lined.

The second and third year students are encouraged to undertake mini project work. Students get an experience in developing softwares / hardwares. This makes students attain better knowledge in understanding the functioning of various softwares and hardware tools.

The final year students have done projects in the following companies:

  • ISRO Bangalore
  • Tomorrow Soft Technology, Chennai
  • N Trust Infotech, Chennai
  • Osprosys Technologies, Chennai
  • Voxis Technology Solutions, Coimbatore
  • NEXUS Global Solutions, Coimbatore
  • Vertex Software Solutions, Coimbatore
  • SoftLogic Systems, Chennai
  • Denizen Technologies, Chennai
  • Vivax Innovations, Bangalore
  • X-Stream Technologies, Chennai
  • Space2Host Web Services,Chennai
  • Orion Systems, Bangalore
  • Aosta Software Technologies India Limited, Coimbatore
  • Gbitflex Software Pvt Ltd, Chennai
  • Fintech Softwares, Chennai
  • Topbean Technologies,Thrissur.

Students Activities


Our Second year students are encouraged to go for industrial visit. These industrial visits help the students to acquire knowledge in recent trends to update themselves so as to meet the new challenges of global technology and also helps them to choose their project work. Recent industrial visit  by our students

  •  Infosys Technologies, Mysore.
  • ChipSoft Technologies, Cochin.

Association Club

Chimera club is to motivate the students to present their innovative ideas and projects.

Club Activities  

  • Tech Quiz
  • Debugging
  • Multimedia
  • Marketing
  • Paper Presentation
  • Shortflim
  • Social Club
  • Animation Club
  • Technical Club

Workshops for the Students

  • C# and .NET
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Software Testing
  • Networking
  • Cloud Computing
  • How to Face the Interview?
  • Group Discussions
  • Visual Studio .NET Framework



Department Activities




Event Name

Chief Guest

1 31.12.2021 Career Development Program on “Future of Aviation and Cargo Industry & Employment Opportunities in India and Abroad” Mr.Veerababu,
SACCA Institute of Freight and tourism(opc) Pvt Ltd.
2 06.12.2021           to
Soft Skills Training Mr.Thanikachalam,
M/s.Awake Training Institute, Coimbatore
3 01.11.2021 Public Awareness Program on ” E-Waste Management” Dr.N. Rengarajan, Principal, Nandha Engineering College, Erode-52
4 30.10.2021 A Webinar on “ETL Data warehouse Testing” Mr.C.Ramnagaraj,
Technical Test Lead,
Infosys, Chennai
5 29.05.2021 Workshop on “Road map for patent protection” Mr.P.Krishnagandhi, Assistant Professor/EEE, Nandha Engineering College, Erode-52
6 30.01.2021 Orientation Session on Innovation and IPR Dr.M.Easwaramoorthi, Professor & Dean/Mechanical Engineering Nandha Engineering College, Erode-52
7 26.12.2020 Leveraging machine learning to drive innovation process Mr. B.Ganapathy Subramaniam, Technical Project Manager, CEI India Pvt Ltd, Chennai.
8 24.12.2020 Intra Department Meet/ Association Inaugural Function Dr.C.Siva,
HoD/MCA, Nandha Engineering College, Erode-52
9 11.07.2020 AI and Machine Learning Mr. B.Ganapathy Subramaniam, Technical Project Manager, CEI India Pvt Ltd, Chennai.
10 18.05.2019 Workshop on “Android App Development” Mr. C. Gowtham, Software Developer, TartLabs, Pollachi, Tamilnadu.
11 04.05.2019 Workshop on “C# and .NET Framework” Mr. K. Naveendiran, Entrust Software & Service Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.
12 01.03.2019 Inter College Meet                      —-

12.02.2019           to

15 02.2019

Sports Events Ms T. Parimalam, Head & Associate Professor, Nandha Arts and Science College, Erode.
14 24.08.2018 Workshop on “Python Frameworks” Mr. C.Meenakshisundram, Software Engineers, Sysvine Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.
15 05.06.2018           to 07.06.2018 Workshop on “C# and .NET” Mr R.Arjun, Solution Architect, Keenminds, Bangaluru.
16 23.03.2018 Share Chat Mr Kiran, Ms Pavithra, Ms Rajani, Bangaluru.
17 16.02.2018 Sports  Ms.S.N.Santhalakshmi, Assistant Professor, Nandha Arts and Science College, Erode.
18 09.02.2018 Sports Ms T. Parimalam, Head & Associate Professor, Nandha Arts and Science College, Erode.
19 05.10.2017 Workshop on “Basics of Electronics” Mr. P. Kalyanasundaram, Professor / ECE, NEC.
20 19.09.2017 Association Inaugural & Inter Department Meet Mr. B. Nagaraj, Founder, Inferon.
21 18.08.2017           & 19.08.2017 Workshop on “IoT” Mr. B.Ganapathy Subramaniam, Project Manager & Vaishnav Ragunathan, Embedded Engineer, CEI America Pvt Ltd, Chennai.
22 16.08.2017 Intra Department Meet Dr. C. Siva, Professor & Head, ITCA.
23 18.03.2017 Workshop on”Visual Studio .NET Framework”
Mr. K. Naveendiran, XML Executive, Amplexor India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.
24 22.02.2017 Industrial Seminar on “Diverse Platforms of Mobile Application” Ms P.Sangeetha, M.C.A.,Android Developer, Anchara Technologies, Coimbatore.
25 11.02.2017 Technical Symposium-17 Mr N.Arun,  Senior Engineer Siemens, Coimbatore.
26 30.09.2016 Inauguration Function and Intra Department Meet Mr S.Karthic, Business Head-SAN Tecno Solutions, Erode.
27 19.09.2016 EMC Center of Academic Excellence “Data Science & Big Data Analytics” Mr Abhijit Sreenivas, Manager, EMC Academic Alliance delivers the Chief Guest address.
28 02.04.2016 Industrial Seminar on “Cloud Computing & Server Architecture”

Mr M.Praveenkannan, Software Engineer, QBurst Technologies, Kochi.

 29  24.03.2016 Technical Symposium-16

Mr Muthusamy Rama, Techmahindra, Chennai.

30 11.03.2016 Inter Department Meet


31 24.02.2016 Signing the Memorandum Of Understanding and Inauguration of SAN Techno Solutions

Mr Lakshman Prasath, MD-Maritime Petagram.

Mr S.Karthic, Business Head-SAN Tecno Solutions, Erode.




A value added course can increase the student’s quality. For example, offering one year course to support on respective field. Additionally, individuals can bring value to add their career, such as bringing advanced skills to a position.
Well trained professionals from authorized centre provided training in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005 (ASP .NET, VB .NET, C# .NET)

The following Value Added Courses are offered to improve the Technical knowledge and to create awareness on the emerging trends in their respective fields.

  • C
  • C++
  • Java and J2SE
  • VB.NET

Course Name 

 Company Name

Target Students
and Strength 



II Yr & 25




II Yr & 55



II Yr & 55



II Yr & 55



II Yr & 55

C AND C++     


II Yr & 15



III Yr & 50


Career Trends

Outsourcing is mainly in lower level help desk jobs.  More jobs are being created. Job prospects are very bright as

  • Work as an Entrepreneur
  • Team Leader
  • Project Leader
  • Research and Development Organizations
  • Further Studies like M.E / M.Tech / M.Phil / Ph.D
  • Software Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Database Administration
  • Database Programming
  • Internet Engineering
  • Web Development
  • Systems Administration
  • Network Administration
  • Information Technology


The Department Association has Tie-Ups with

  • Infosys – Campus Connect
  • SAN Techno Solutions, Erode

Industrial – Institution Interaction

  • The Department endeavors to establish interaction with other leading academic institution and reputed industries.
  • Infosys Campus connect.

Our recruiters

  •             Infosys
  •          San Techno Solutions
  •          CEI America
  •          Vernalis
  •          Maveric Systems
  •          iGate
  •          American Mega Trends
  •          HCL
  •          Tech Mahindra
  •          L&T Infotech
  •          Hexaware Technologies
  •          TCS
  •          CTS
  •          UST Global Technologies
  •          Syntel
  •          One Globe Systems
  •          Raasi Constructions
  •          KGiSL