• To create platform for the students in acquiring the current technology trends in their core competencies.

An exclusive centre includes

  • Embedded 89C51 trainer kit
  • ARM 7 Evaluation trainer kit
  • PIC microcontroller trainer kit
  • MSP 430 trainer kit
  • In-circuit debugger

Student Project Development under CoE:

  1. The project developed under the CoE was granted with Rs.10,000 by Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology –(TNSCST)

                   Project Work                 : Academic Year 2017 – 2018

                   Year                               : Final Year

                   Title of the project        : Real Time Monitoring of the Loom Section and Thread Count

                                                           using De-Coding Technique

                   Type of Project             : Loom automation

                   Objectives                    : To improve the fabric quality and to avoid manual error

                   Guided by                    : Mr.G.Prabhakaran

                   Student Members        : K. Keerthiga, P. Kishoriniya, M. Monisha,, R.Nandhini

  1. The project developed under the CoE was granted with Rs.7,500 by Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology –(TNSCST)

                   Project Work               : Academic Year 2018 – 2019

                   Year                             : Final Year

                   Title of the project      : Real Time Monitoring of Waste Water Production and

                                                         Effluent Treatment in the Dying Industry

                   Type of Project           : Effluent Treatment plant Monitoring

                   Objectives                  : To avoid deposition of untreated dying waste water.

                   Guided by                   :  Mr.G.Prabhakaran

                   Student Members       :  S. Kishore, M. Karthick, T. Manoj Kumar,G. Arun Kumar

Objective of the Partnership:

  • Centre has designed a comprehensive and flexible portfolio of training programmes for the professional development of staff and students in embedded systems

ABE Technologies:

  • ABE Technologies, a fast growing Indian company, was started as ABE Automation in the   year of 2003 with the primary goal of the imparting quality training in the various areas of PLC, SCADA,CAD/CAM/CAE Software’s to various students and corporate Employees.
  • In the year of 2008, the company has new board of technical people and started its new wing expertise in the various technologies like Embedded Systems, VLSI, DSP, Wireless domains, etc.With the Vision of “Taking the Technology to the last man of the society” the company’s aim is to design the products and also provide the world-class training in the above mentioned technologies.

Contact Details:

          No 78 Sundarbans Building,Ashok Pillar

          1st Avenue, Ashok Nagar

          Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600083


One Day Workshop was conducted on “IoT Based Commercial Product design” by the industry expert,Mr.M.Parthiban, Managing Director, Caliber Embedded TechnologiesPrivate Limited, Salem

Instructional materials

  • Most of the courses are prepared with a view to build trouble shooting, analytical and creative skillsamong the students. Although most of the instructionalmethods are dealt under Section 5.6.
  • All the contents prepared by the faculty members are made available to the studentsand the faculty colleagues through Google classroom.
  • The faculty members in general prepare the PPT slides, notes in PDF form and alsoinclude the relevant video conte They also refer to popular learning links in the international arena.
  • Some of the courses offered are in embedded mode and the relevant materials forthe practical learning are suitable to impart students’ knowledge.

Working Models/ Charts/ Monograms etc.,

The following working models are developed in the Project Laboratory.

Smart Toilet

  • Designed to reduce the wastage of water and to maintain the hygienic environment. Technically, a Real-Time Clock based solenoid valve controls the water flow in urinals in the toilet. The RTC switches the solenoid valve in programmed intervals for the specific duration.

LED Scrolling Board

  • Designed to display the information in LED scrolling display board and it acts like a notice board. The information sent through the Bluetooth protocol is displayed in the LED panel in different scrolling modes.