Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) / Elective Courses


     The nature of globalization and technological advancements necessitate transformation in education system, which include innovation and improvement in course curricula, introduction of paradigm shift in learning and teaching pedagogy, examination and education system. A new educational model is pervaded into the higher education framework to improve the curriculum in compliance with evolving trends, changing industry requirements and changing student pursuits.

     CBCS is adopted by Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs offered by the Institution since 2015-2016. CBCS is offered in the curriculum to provide freedom to the students to select courses of their own interests. The CBCS enables the students to learn at their own pace, undergo additional courses and acquire more than the required credits, and adopt an interdisciplinary approach to learning. A framework of the curriculum is developed by the departments for their programmes. This system provides flexibility in designing curriculum and assigning credits, based on the course content and hours of teaching. The institute takes up Bloom’s Taxonomy to deliver course contents to encourage higher order thinking in the students by building up from lower-level cognitive skills.

      To augment student learning outcomes in terms of grades and skills, some essential changes are to be adopted in the traditional teaching-learning system. The flexibility to choose subjects and interdisciplinary education approach are the best ways to attain better outcome. CBCS and elective system follows interdisciplinary method and collaboration of ideas, concepts, theories, techniques, and perspectives from two or more programs to uphold crucial comprehension to solve problems. The CBCS and elective system provide an opening for the students to decide courses from the given multiple courses being evaluated by the way of unconventional means of grading system which will upgrade students’ performance in examinations. The CBCS and elective system do not only provide opportunities for the students to study core subjects but also exploring additional avenues for learning beyond the core subjects for their holistic development.