Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Code of Student Conduct is to promote the College’s academic aims and a sense of community through the cultivation of mutual respect, tolerance and understanding. To this end, the College expects that students will not engage in behaviours that endanger their own or others’ safety and well-being. Students are expected to conform to the standards contained in this Code of Student Conduct. The College reserves the right to pursue through its disciplinary procedures matters that are addressed by the legal system or under the College’s Ethical Behavior Policy processes.


The basic rules of conduct require that no student shall :

  • Disrupt any teaching, study or research or the administration of the College 
  • Willfully obstruct any member or employee of the College in academic work or in the performance of duties
  • Wilfully misuse, damage or deface, steal or wrongfully convert to the student’s own use any property of the College or of any member of the College