Course and Curriculum

Postgraduate study in ECE prepares students for leadership roles in research, development and design positions that require skillful and imaginative engineering solutions. The Department offers several postgraduate degrees in the latest advanced technology.

M.E VLSI Design at NEC has a long standing tradition of excellence. The course provides a sound foundation for people wishing to pursue a career in electronics engineering, communications, control systems, robotics or sensor systems, through a diverse range of theoretical skills and practical experience, presented in the context of real applications and design experience.

This program enriches the students with theoretical and practical skills that are required in different spheres of electronic industries.Modules of this program train the student to plan, design, install, operate, control and maintain complex systems.

The course is committed to materialize its vision through its Academic Projects and VLSI Training Programs which are beneficial to Academic and Industry sectors. It is dedicated to bring the Industry exposure to graduates and undergraduates under University Program and providing Introductory and intellectual end to end VLSI Design Cycle program under VLSI Training.