Cultural Club



  •     Ms. Abila Anju   AP/CSE


Students will develop a series of challenging physical obstacles an individual must navigate usually like running, climbing, jumping, crawling and balancing. They can test the coordinators and teamwork of people giving the restrictions in this unique game of body and mind. Students can test their physical and mental abilities to the peak.   At the end of the course the students will be physically and mentally free and also it leads to have confidence in their teamwork.


  • Develop creativity and imagination by responding to problems in movement or music
  • Learn new words and concepts through songs and movement (learning in body parts by sing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”).
  • Explore the many ways in which a body can move (finding different ways to get to the other side of a line without stepping on it).
  • Develop large motor skills (moving to music and participating in other creative movement activities).
  • Improve balance, coordination, and rhythm through dancing and other movement activities (playing “Follow the Leader”).
  • Improve small motor skills (learning finger plays and playing musical instruments).


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