Field Projects / Internship / Student Projects / Project Based Learning (PBL)



Field Projects

     Field projects bridge the gap between theory and practice by allowing students to work on real-world problems. Through field projects, students learn about the industry’s operation and production operations. In addition to that, students are able to understand the region’s geographical variables for the specific products / equipment.


    Postgraduate and Undergraduate students use internships to get research or job experience in the factory or industry. Additionally, there has been an increase in remote/virtual internships, which improves the capacity of the students to learn digitally. The abundance of internship possibilities available demonstrates the importance of internships in today’s world.

Student Projects

     Students are able to learn in a different format than the conventional lecture / activity / homework by doing project work. It is a simple technique to include creativity into evaluation and learning. Projects are intrinsically adaptable, allowing individuals or teams to showcase their innovation. It gives the students an opportunity to exhibit their talents while working autonomously. It demonstrates the student’s ability to put research into practice. It improves a student’s capacity to collaborate with others by fostering teamwork and group abilities. These projects can range in size from little tweaks to major breakthroughs that need a deep dive into concepts. This initiative has provided students with information that they carry with them throughout their career. Regularly assigning assignments allows them to work on projects even if they are not enrolled in a project-based curriculum.

Project Based Learning (PBL)

     The Project Based Learning courses offered in the second and third year of the degree program gives the students an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills by engaging themselves in projects set around challenges and problems they may face in the real world. The course which gives practical exposure to the students is selected as a PBL course. The PBL course helps the students to enhance their creativity, individuality, team spirit and problem solving ability. Moreover, it gives them the confidence to do their mini and main projects effectively and innovatively.