In-Plant Training


In-plant Training and Procedures and Main Research Projects

Students of 1st MBA are to under go mandatory in-plant training for a period of one to two months as per the Autonomous Curriculum, Inorder to expose themselves to practical happenings in the industry and society. They are supposed to record their experiences and are to submit the same as a mini project report, which will constitute grades in their academic profile.

Students of 2nd MBA are to under go mandatory main project research, where they are to take up a problem of research in the areas of management. During the period of three months, students are to visit their concerned project company for analyzing the problem and collecting details and data regarding, to fulfill their problem.  Report regarding the research work has to be submitted to the University and Viva Voce will be held, where the students’ research work will be graded and added to their academic profile.

Three Students currently of 1st MBA were appreciated for their efficiency of In-plant training. The details are under mentioned. 

In-Plant  Training Students List