Lab Facilities


Advanced features and techniques of VLSI design provides students the necessary training to develop complex VLSI systems and enables them to improve their designs by using the tools available in the laboratory
It helps students to understand and utilize advanced components of electronic system design for architecting a complex system.
Labs provide hands-on experience with the development, verification, debugging and simulation of a VLSI system. Labs use demo boards in which designs are downloaded and verified.
Simulating an embedded processor system- Set up and perform HDL based simulation on a design that contains an embedded processor system.
Explore the tool flow for performing simulation as a part of EDK.

The department has well-equipped laboratories with modern and latest equipments like VLSI FPGA Kits, Embedded Processor Kits and Software like Xilinx, Keil. VLSI lab is well equipped at a cost of Rs.8 Lakhs.