Lab Facilities

The following labs are available in the Agricultural Engineering Department:
  • Crop production Laboratory
  • Soil science Laboratory
  • Farm implement and Equipment Laboratory
  • Farm tractors and Engines Laboratory
  • Irrigation and drainage Laboratory
  • Crop Process Engineering Laboratory
  • Unit operations Laboratory
  • Food and dairy Engineering Laboratory


The laboratory focuses on practicing the students in crop cultivation. This lab helps the students to enhance their knowledge about seed selection, nursery preparation, cultivation practice, water management,  pest and disease management.



     Soil science laboratory helps the students to obtain adequate knowledge in accessing in both physical and engineering behavior of soils through laboratory test tube procedures. This lab is equipped with various equipment to the soil quality.


List of Equipments

  1. Hydraulic conductivity
  2. Double ring infiltrometer
  3. Soil core sampler made seam less steel
  4. Screw auger
  5. Robinson pipette
  6. Digital pH meter



    Farm implements and equipment play a very important role in agricultural operations. Their availability makes the work much easier and faster. The lab is equipped with tillage, land preparation, sowing, weeding, and fertilizer equipment, where students undergo agricultural practices to increase the production and productivity of different crops through farm mechanization.


List of Equipments

  1. Mouldboard Plough
  2. Bund Former
  3. Leveller
  4. Ridge Plough
  5. Disc Harrow
  6. Disc Plough
  7. Spade
  8. Rotary Duster
  9. Hand Hoe
  10. Sickle
  11. Head Pan/Iron Pot
  12. Cono Weeder
  13. Rocker Arm Sprayer
  14. Crow Bar
  15. Chisel Plough
  16. Rotavator
  17. Cultivator


     A farm tractor is a vehicle designed and used primarily in agricultural operations for drawing or operating other farm machines, equipment, and implements of husbandry. The lab is equipped with farm tractors and engines that help students understand the basic engine operating systems, tractor operation, and maintenance practices. 


List of Equipments:

  1. Two Stroke Petrol Engine
  2. Four Stroke Diesel Engine
  3. Steering System
  4. Air Cleaner
  5. Differential Unit and Rear Axle
  6. Oil Pump
  7. Gear Transmission System
  8. Piston
  9. Camshaft
  10. Crankshaft
  11. Clutch System
  12. Tractor Front Tyre
  13. Tractor Rear Tyre
  14. Tractor Engine – Cut Section



     The irrigation and drainage laboratory in agricultural engineering educates students in the field of open channel and ground water in combination with engineering principles and to understand soil, water and plant relationship. And how they can be applied to better manage surface and ground water resources. And also provide such kind of facilities for agricultural engineers to measure the basic data required for planning and designing of different irrigation projects.


List of Equipments

  1. Soil tensiometer
  2. Drip irrigation accessories
  3. Sprinkler irrigation accessories
  4. Open pan evaporimeter
  5. Weir notch flow measurement
  6. Weir notch flow apparatus



    In crop process engineering, all operations are carried out after the harvesting of food and industrial crops. The lab enables the students to understand the processing technology of various agricultural products including cereals, pulses, oilseeds, fruits, vegetables, and animal products.


List of Equipments

  1. Paddy Parboiling Unit
  2. Inclined Belt Separator
  3. Tray Dryer
  4. Spiral Separator
  5. Porosity Apparatus
  6. Coefficient of Friction Apparatus
  7. Angle of Repose-Round type
  8. Angle of Repose-L type
  9. Dhal mill
  10. Screw conveyor
  11. Rubber Roll Sheller
  12. Bucket Elevator
  13. Cleaner cum Grader
  14. Thin Layer Dryer



    The laboratory is well equipped with the various types of mills and seperators. Guidance is provided to the students by a team of expert faculty and lab technicians. Students are supported to create innovative ideas to develop modern mills.


List of Equipments

  1. Centrifugal separator
  2. Hot air oven
  3. Cyclone separator
  4. Shieve shaker
  5. Ball mill
  6. Pin mill
  7. Burr mill
  8. Hammer mill
  9. Grain moisture meter – probe and digital



    Food and dairy laboratory support regulatory analysis of food and agro products. The laboratory equipped to analyze the physico-chemical characteristics of food materials including raw materials and finished products which helps the agricultural engineers to gain a broad-spectrum knowledge on processing of food materials and testing of samples.


List of equipment

  1. Laminar air flow chamber
  2. Gerber centrifuge
  3. Hot air oven
  4. Microwave oven
  5. Incubator
  6. Tray dryer
  7. Water bath
  8. Digital ph meter
  9. Cream separator
  10. Refrigerator
  11. Digital thermometer
  12. Lactometer
  13. Gun thermometer