Lab Facilities


The fact that the CAD/CAM Lab has the most advanced and highly sophisticated CNC Lathe & CNC is itself a proof for the interest the college has for Research and Development activities. The students are given hands on experience in part programming & operation. This enables the students to undertake challenging research oriented projects.

S.No. Softwares
1 Solid Works
2 AutoCAD
5 CNC Lathe & Milling Simulator
6 CFD Fluent
7 HP Net Server 600 MHz
8 HP Plotters
9 HP Laser Jets and HP Scanner



The Dynamics lab is fully equipped with all latest equipment. All the equipment are placed over the rigid concrete structure with enough space between them to ensure the better working of equipment.

S.No. Equipments
1 Vibrating Table appearatus
2 Turn table apparatus
3 Flywheel and Axle system
4 Bifilar suspension system
5 Compound pendulum
6 Motorized Gyroscope
7 Governors (Watt, Porter, Proell and Hartnell types)
8 Cam & Follower setup
9 SDF Set up. Spring Mass System
10 Torsion Vibration setup
11 Whirling of shaft apparatus
12 Cantilever beam setup
13 Transverse vibration setup-Free & Forced Vibration setup
14 Balancing of rotating masses setup
15 Balancing of reciprocating masses
16 Multi degree freedom system
17 Moment of Inertia of Oscillation for Connecting Rod, Flywheel
18 Single Universal Joint
19 Double Universal Joint
20 Toothed Gears -Spur Gear, Helical Gear, Bevel Gear, Worm wheel
21 Simple Gear Train
22 Compound Gear Train
23 Epi-cyclic Gear Train



S.No. Equipments
1 Metacentric height apparatus
2 Bernoulli’s Apparatus
3 Orifice and mouthpiece apparatus
4 Notch calibration apparatus
5 Orifice meter and venturimeter test rigs
6 Rotometer and water meter setups
7 Frictional losses and fitting losses setups
8 Pitot tube apparatus
9 Pelton wheel turbine
10 Francis turbine
11 Kaplan turbine
12 Pump test rigs
13 Gear oil pump
14 Reciprocating pump
15 Submersible pump
16 Jet pump
17 Multistage centrifugal pump
18 Single stage centrifugal pump



S.No. Equipments
1 Conductivity Measurement Apparatus
2 Double Pipe Heat Exchanger
3 Emissivity Measurement Apparatus
4 Stefan-Boltzman’s Law Apparatus
5 Pin-Fin Apparatus
6 Natural and Forced Convection Heat Transfer test apparatus
7 Cooling Tower
8 Surface Condenser
9 Heat Transfer- Composite Wall
10 Fluidized Bed Heat Transfer Apparatus
11 Heat Pipe Demonstrator



Manufacturing technology lab is fully equipped with all types of latest machineries and having the feasibility of doing experiments for projects and innovative works.

S.No. Equipments
1 Capstan Turret Lathes
2 Shaping Machines
3 Milling Machines
4 Cylindrical and Surface Grinder
5 Tool and Cutter Grinder
6 Slotting Machines
7 Centre Lathes
8 Radial Drilling Machine
9 Hacksaw machine
10 Tool Dynamometer test facility
11 Planning machine
12 Basic Workshop
13 Fitting
14 Smithy
15 Foundry
16 Welding
17 Forging
18 Sheet metal works



S.No. Equipment
1 Plumbing
2 Carpentary
3 Welding
4 Sheet Metal
5 Basic Machining
6 Drilling



S.No. Equipments
1 Gear Tooth Vernier
2 Depth Vernier Gauge
3 Profile Projector
4 Toolmakers Microscope
5 Auto Collimator
6 Floating Carriage Micrometer
7 Surface Roughness Tester
8 Mechanical calibration setup
9 Sine Bar
10 Vernier Calipers
11 Micrometers
12 Dial Gauges
13 Bevel Protractor
14 Vernier Height Gauge
15 Force / Load measurement setup
16 Temperature measurement setup
17 Displacement measurement setup




S.No. Equipments
1 Steam Boiler and Turbo GeneratorTest Rig
2 Computerised I.C.Engine with data Acquisition system
3 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Test Rigs
4 Open Circuit Wind Tunnel (Digitized)
5 Two Stage Air Compressor
6 Centrifugal Blower Test Rig
  7 Different I.C. Engine Test Rigs.
8 Cut models of two stroke and four stroke engines
9 Red Wood Viscometer
10 Pensky Martens open cup Apparatus
11 Bomb Calorimeter
12 Junker’s Gas Calorimeter
13 Multi Gas Analyser
14 Smoke meter



S.No. Equipments
1 Pneumatic Trainer Kit
2 Electro Pneumatic Trainer Kit
3 PLC-Pneumatic Trainer Kit
4 Hydrosim and Pneumosim software
5 Data logging system for Flow, Pressure , Level and Temperature
6 Speed process station by using Lab VIEW
7 PID Controller for open loop and closed loop system.
8 Stepper motor control by using 8051 Microprocessor