The Department Association has Tie-Ups with

  •    Technienest PVT Ltd, Jaipur

  •     Southern Automation Pvt Ltd, Erode

  •     Breathe Electronics, Chennai

  •     Universal Power Supplies

  •     BSNL

  •     ABE Semiconductor Designs

  •     New ton Technologies, Coimbatore

  •     Pantech Solutions, Coimbatore

  •    Caliber Embedded Technologies, Private Limited, Salem

  •    Electra Systems Associates Pvt Ltd. Bangalore
  •    Entuple technologies Pvt Ltd
  •    SmartAnt Technologies Private Limited, Chennai

  •    LIVEWIRE-A Division of CADD Centre         

  •    Vi Microsystems Pvt.  Ltd, Chennai. 

to enhance and create new ideas among the students.


 Vi Microsystems Pvt. Ltd, Chennai.


Technienest PVT Ltd, Jaipur

MoU with LIVE WIRE, Erode