Photography Club



  •      Mr. Sadagoban K CHIEF LIBRARIAN

  •      Mr. Krishnagandhi P  AP/EEE

  •      Ms. Amutha Praba J  ASP/MATHS

     Photography Club is a blend of people who want to capture and create beauty. The club aims to create the opportunities for every student to discover the artist within themselves. It also gives them the platform to paint their dreams into reality.  

     Photography is a wonderful hobby and has proved to be very popular among the students. This club focuses on taking and collecting fine photographic shots and participating in photographic competitions. Students can also learn many of the technicalities involved in digital as well as film based photography. The aim of the club is to promote photographic interest within the university and provide a place for anyone with an interest in photography to meet and exchange ideas and share experiences. The club organizes various lectures, demonstrations, and competitions. It is our practice to welcome everyone with an interest in photography, regardless of their experience.


  • Basics about Cameras: Type, parts and accessories of the Cameras.

  • Setting/Exposure.

  • Auto: Day light, shade, cloudy, flash, white fluorescent – Manual: Aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, colour, file formats, histogram. 

  • Shooting method.

  • Photography and Videography – Viewing and exposing. 

  • Basics about using Photoshop and Printing.

Photo Gallery