Product Development

S.No. Academic Year Product Title Product Developed by
1 2021-22 Portable Public Addressable System Mr.M.Srinevasan, AP/ECE Ms.V.Parameshwari AP/ECE
1 2019-20 Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser Mr.M.Srinevasan, Assistant Professor/ECE
2 Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser  Mr.R.K.Boopesh, II Year ECE
3 2018-2019 Home Automation System using RF Remote Mr. Mohan Kumar S, II Year ECE
Mr. Gowtham G, II Year ECE
Mr. Selvakumar S, II Year ECE
Mr. Aakash G, II Year ECE
4 e Notice Board using Bluetooth Ms. Anusoorya E S, II Year ECE
Ms. Jeevitha V, II Year ECE
Ms. Sruthi V, II Year ECE
Ms. Sumithra S, II Year ECE
5 2017-2018 Smart Lamp Holder Mr. Guruprakash.S, III Year-ECE
6 IR Remote Controlled Fan Regulator Mr. JebaAndroes.R, II Year ECE
Mr. KaviPranesh.S, II Year ECE


List of Products Developed


Portable Public address systems are electronic systems used in concerts functions, or schoolconcerts, rallies and campaigns, of assemblies. The PA systems include loudspeakers, microphones, amplifiers, and other similar types of equipment. It is used in public venues that aid a speaker or performer’s voice to reach the mass, even at a distance. It comes with different designs, features, and capabilities. There are variety of PA systems available based on audience density, distance, and other requirements. Also called a sound reinforcement system, it is portable and provides hassle-free and clear audio. With hands-free operation for better and easy control, it ensures a smooth transmission. This device consists of three parts namely a sound source, an amplifier speaker system. Public address systems convert acoustic sound into electronic signals and then processes these signals. These portable devices are portable because of their compact size. It also comes with built-in mics

Portable Public Addressing System


Product Developed by : Mr.Srinevasan.M, Assistant Professor/ECE

Product Description

In India, the present active covid cases are 545318 and so far about 35747 people lost their lives due to this pandemic virus attack. The main aim of the present invention is to provide smart cost automatic touch less sanitizer dispenser machine to fight against novel pandemic viruses. This invention consists of a sensor namely Ultrasonic Sensor which is connected in series to work around the clock. This automatic machine is build and enclosed with strong

plywood with PVC sheet to give safety and also to ensure long life. This automatic dispenser machine is simple in construction and cost effective. The liquid sanitizer can be easily refilled through plastic cap inlet placed over top of machine.


Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser


Product Developed by : Mr.Boopesh.R.K, III Year-ECE

Product Description

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically affected life for almost everyone around the globe, and makers are no exception. With everyone being more careful of their interactions with humans and objects, personal hygiene has taken serious precedence over all other factors in public space. A lot of public places have hand sanitizers for visitors, but they need to be manually pressed. To avoid any contact at all, some no-touch hand sanitizer dispensers are commercially available, but they are expensive and most off-the-shelf commercial sanitizers cannot be automated. In this project, we create a contactless hand sanitizer dispenser that can be used for any press-to-release hand sanitizer available in the market.The project uses a simple discrete components. The system is adjustable to accommodate most sanitizer bottles.

        Automatic Hand Sanitizer           



Product Developed by : Mr. Mohan Kumar S, Mr. Gowtham G, Mr. Selvakumar S, Mr. Aakash G, II Year-ECE 

Product Description

RF based home automation system is developed to automate the use of conventional lighting mechanism (wall switches) in house by using RF controlled remote. This Product can control the maximum of four electrical loads like Fan, lights, etc.,

    Home Automation System using                      RF Remote



Product Developed by : Ms. Anusoorya E S, Ms. Jeevitha V, Ms. Sruthi V Ms. Sumithra S, II Year-ECE

Product Description

This product is focuses on displaying a dynamic text on an LED board. It has pre-programmed text and the same can be re programmed with the help of Bluetooth using android application. It is useful for commercial advertisement purposes. 

             e Notice Board using Bluetooth



Product Developed by : Mr. Guruprakash.S, II Year-ECE

Product Description

The product automatically turns on a lamp in the absence of light. The lamp remains ‘on’ until the light sensor senses daylight in the morning. It effectively utilizes the power source and reduces the running cost. 

                       Smart Lamp Holder



Product Developed by : Mr. JebaAndroes.R, Mr. KaviPranesh.S – II Year –ECE

Product Description

The speed of a fan can be controlled by using IR receiver with the help of TV remote. Pulses from the IR receiver module are applied as a trigger signal to 555 timer via LED and a resistor. As the width of the pulse decreases, firing angle of the TRIAC increases and speed of the fan also increases. Thus the speed of the fan increases when any button is pressed on the remote control.

          IR Remote Controlled Fan Regulator