Publication Chemical Engineering

S.No. Title Author Journal Name
1 Synergistic Effect of Cellulose Short Fiber/Carbon Black on Rheological and Physico-Mechanical Properties of Ethylene Propylene Dine Monomer Rubber Composite Dr.Murugesan A Jour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control systems, Vol. 11, No. 5,2019
Mr.Mohankumar G
Mr.Rajasekaran K
Ms.Poornima T
2 Conversion of A Low Value Industrial Waste into Biodiesel Using a Catalyst Derived from Brewery Waste: An Activation and Deactivation Kinetic Study Sakthi Saravanan Arumugamurthy Waste Management, Vol. 100, 2019
3 Establishing The Process Kinetics and Appraising Model Predictive Behavior for Coagulation Treatment of Tannery Industry Wastewater Sakthi Saravanan Arumugamurthy Chemical Engineering Communications, 2021
Mathematical approach of functional ANOVA Method to the study of triblock copolymer of Poly(crystal violet) drug release Mechanism
Dr.Murugesan A, Mr.Rajasekaran, 
Mr.R. Saravanan
International Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Vol.6, 2021.
Biodegradable Plastic from Mixed Starch
Dr. N. Subramanian,
Mr.B. Vinothkumar,
Ms.M. Geetha,
K Gladys Kalpana
International Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Vol.6, 2021.
Recovery and reuse of spent caustic soda from thermercerizing section of textile unit
Dr. N. Subramanian,
Mr.M.C. Jawahar,
Ms.M. Geetha,
Mr.M. Ramamoorthy
International Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Vol.6, 2021.
Rheological and thermal properties of honey produced in algeria and ethiopia: a review
Kenenisa Dekeba Tafa, Venkatesa Prahu Sundaramurthy,
N. Subramanian
International Journal of Food Properties, Vol.14, 2020.
Investigation on synergistic effect of Carbon Block on Flow properties of EPDM composite
Dr.Murugesan A, Mr.Rajasekaran, 
Mr.A. Fasil
Journal of Modern Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Vol.12, 2021 

Morphological, optical and structural properties of pure, zinc and magnesium

doped TiO2 nanoparticles for solar cell devices

M. S. Manojkumar,
Dr.S. Venkatesan

Mr.S. Pandiarajan

Journal of Ovonic Research, Vol.18, 2022.