Publication Chemical Engineering

S.No. Title Author Journal Name
1 Synergistic Effect of Cellulose Short Fiber/Carbon Black on Rheological and Physico-Mechanical Properties of Ethylene Propylene Dine Monomer Rubber Composite Dr.Murugesan A Jour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control systems, Vol. 11, No. 5,2019
Mr.Mohankumar G
Mr.Rajasekaran K
Ms.Poornima T
2 Conversion of A Low Value Industrial Waste into Biodiesel Using a Catalyst Derived from Brewery Waste: An Activation and Deactivation Kinetic Study Sakthi Saravanan Arumugamurthy Waste Management, Vol. 100, 2019
3 Establishing The Process Kinetics and Appraising Model Predictive Behavior for Coagulation Treatment of Tannery Industry Wastewater Sakthi Saravanan Arumugamurthy Chemical Engineering Communications, 2021
4 Mathematical approach of functional ANOVA Method to the study of triblock copolymer of Poly(crystal violet) drug release Mechanism Dr.Murugesan A, Mr.Rajasekaran, 
Mr.R. Saravanan
International Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Vol.6, 2021.
5 Biodegradable Plastic from Mixed Starch Dr. N. Subramanian,
Mr.B. Vinothkumar,
Ms.M. Geetha,
K Gladys Kalpana
International Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Vol.6, 2021.
6 Recovery and reuse of spent caustic soda from thermercerizing section of textile unit Dr. N. Subramanian,
Mr.M.C. Jawahar,
Ms.M. Geetha, Mr.M. Ramamoorthy
International Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Vol.6, 2021.
7 Rheological and thermal properties of honey produced in algeria and ethiopia: a review
Kenenisa Dekeba Tafa, Venkatesa Prahu Sundaramurthy,
N. Subramanian
International Journal of Food Properties, Vol.14, 2020.
8 Investigation on synergistic effect of Carbon Block on Flow properties of EPDM composite Dr.Murugesan A, Mr.Rajasekaran, 
Mr.A. Fasil
Journal of Modern Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Vol.12, 2021 
9 Morphological, optical and structural properties of pure, zinc and magnesium doped TiO2 nanoparticles for solar cell devices M. S. Manojkumar,
Dr.S. Venkatesan
Mr.S. Pandiarajan
Journal of Ovonic Research, Vol.18, 2022.