Road Safety Club

  • Mr. Abhul Hameed A AP/CIVIL
  • Ms. Amutha Praba J AP/Maths

Potential hazards can range from bad road behavior to road dynamics or even bad infrastructure. Behaviour such as drunk-driving, exceeding speed limits and general rash driving contributes significantly to road accidents. Furthermore, ignoring road signs which provide important information – such as crossroads or intersection can also be the leading cause in vehicular accidents. Even maintenance of the vehicle plays an important role in road safety. For instance, many car accidents are the result of the tire blowouts – which occur when the tires are underinflated and driven beyond their operational life.

In some cases, environmental factors, such as rain, fog or smog may hamper visibility. These are notorious for causing pile-ups on the highway. Other factors such as rain can cause a phenomenon called hydroplaning, where the vehicles traveling at high speeds start sliding uncontrollably because the tires are pushed off the ground by a thin film of water on the road. In conclusion, all these dangerous situations can be easily avoided if road rules are strictly followed and vehicles are well-maintained. Most importantly, drive within the speed limits and avoid using phones.

  • Programme to educate road users about traffic rules, traffic regulations and related matters.
  • Event to develop skills among the students for interacting with various traffic situations.
  • Knowhow to assist in the enforcement of traffic rules
  • To train and work in a volunteer forum for aiding Trauma Care activities.

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