Roles and Responsibilities


The role of a Proctor includes helping students plan course schedules, aiding students when they encounter academic difficulties, thinking through with them their overall course programs and ultimate concentration plans. They are a source of guidance, consultation, and sometimes just someone with whom to celebrate an exciting moment, or to lend a shoulder to cry on.

“Being a proctor means being a role model for the students and being available to them at all times if they have questions or problems”.

  • The students should be mentored and guided at all level.

  • Student’s knowledge should be identified at different levels and encouraged to enhance their knowledge and skills through paper presentation in journals / conferences, projects and sports activity etc.,

  • Proctors need to encourage the students continuously to participate in co curricular/ extracurricular activities.

  • Proctor need to insist the students to follow proper dress code and maintain discipline.

  • They can   motivate the students by positive approach in all their endeavors.

  • They could identify their academic and personal related problems and counsel them.

  • Students may be categorized on the basis of their ability and counsel them / support them to reach next level.

  • Proctors may meet their students at least once in a week.

  • Proctors should completely be aware of student’s details like family back ground, economical status, education details etc. which will be useful for motivating / counseling them to solve their problem.

  • Attendance percentage should continuously be monitored and students may be insisted to get the prior permission from the proctors to take leave.

  • Proctors shall update their ward’s progress to their parents.

  • Proctor should identify the student’s talents and groom accordingly either to pursue for higher studies or getting placed with reputed company as per their career option.

  • In general parental care should be shown to the students by the proctors.

  • Every month proctors need to submit the report of their proctees to the concerned department Deans and Heads.