Tree Plantation Club



  •     Mr.Arulkarthick E K AP/ECE
  •     Mr.Praveen Santhosh Kumar G AP/ECE
  •     Ms.Indumathi N M AP/EEE


      Planting trees is the ideal approach to support nature. It additionally helps other living species, including people, in many ways. Trees give us oxygen, food, shelter, and many more. They are natural air filters and noise safeguards. When trees are planted, the biodiversity of that area is improved. It improves the development of species and saves their depletion or extinction. The tree likewise gives products of the soil. .The club create interest in tree planting and maintenance, gives exposure to the importance of conserving forest and improves student outdoor, recreational activities.



  • Tree planting around the village playground
  • Find the location of waste water and planting trees to utilizing the waste water
  • Tree maintenance
  • Awareness program about conserving rain forest
  • Giving Saplings to public on their requirement

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