Employability / Entrepreneurship / Skill Development

    Promoting Employability / Entrepreneurship / Skill development is mandatory to meet out the requirements of the industries. It is imperative for the students of higher educational institutions to have an effective mix of knowledge, skills and personal attitudes in order to be employed initially and function successfully in the required roles. It is expected that the graduates should have achieved outside the boundaries of the discipline such as extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, volunteering and involvement in clubs and societies etc. In order to bridge the gap between the Institution and Industry, training for employability/entrepreneurship skills is in-built into the curriculum of the academic programs.

    The courses offered to develop employability/entrepreneurship skills equip the students with the skills needed in a global arena. Students are consistently encouraged to take up domain specific skill training programmes to acquire hands on experience. These initiatives help the students to enhance their inherent talents. The students are able to acquire personal attributes such as self-confidence, creativity, the ability to take initiatives, as well as the willingness to take risks through these employability / entrepreneurship / skill development courses. These competencies help them to select and shape their career as employees or entrepreneurs. It helps them in identifying entrepreneurial opportunities; assess resources for establishing and piloting a business and learning from veteran entrepreneurs through workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.  The business thus started opens up new job avenues. The future development of the country requires a strong logistics network, skilled workforce and capital investors. Hence, Entrepreneurs can provide the much-needed push for workers to gain expertise and profitability. More employed individuals boost up the income of a country through tax revenue which in turn contributes to the country’s economy.