Total land available (in acres)

(copy of land documents to be placed as Annexure)

25 acres

Copy of land documents enclosed in Annexure- III

2 Whether the land is registered in the name of the College? Yes
3 Class Rooms (No. of classrooms and covered area in sq. Ft.)  No. of classrooms – 76
Covered area in sq.m 5620 

Laboratories (No. of labs rooms and covered area in sq. Ft.)

(list of labs along with equipment to be placed as Annexure)

No. of labs rooms – 102

Covered area in sq.m 8876

The equipment list is enclosed in


5 Central Library  
(i) Total Area 1080 sq.m
(ii) Whether reading room available? Yes
(iii) Details about books, titles, Journals (National/International), CDs, e-Resources, e-journals, Theses, etc.) Books – 62380 Nos.
Titles – 19639 Nos.
Journals: National – 102 Nos.
International – 96 Nos., CDs – 3333 Nos.
e-Resources & e-journals  – 4051 Nos.
6 Whether Departmental Libraries available? If yes, please give details. Yes
Details enclosed in Annexure-V
7 Hostels  
(No. of rooms with students accommodated)
(i) Men Rooms – 94, No. of Students – 336
(ii) Women Rooms – 81, No. of Students – 88
8 Information about  
(i) Administrative Block 1951 sq. m
(ii) Principal Office 50 sq. m
(iii) Staff Room 1395 sq. m
(iv) Common Room 109 sq. m (boys)
109  sq. m (girls)
(v) Canteen 443 sq. m
(vi) Auditorium 850 sq. m
(vii) Internet facilities Bandwidth: 72 Mbps
(viii) Medical facilities The dispensary is available inside the campus
(ix) Transport  49 buses, 1 Emergency vehicle
(x) Other (Amenities) 5236 sq. m
9 Sports Facilities in the College Campus (indoor/outdoor), Playgrounds, Fitness equipment, sports coaches, etc. Enclosed in Annexure-VI
10  Total Buildings (covered area in sq. Ft.) 37160 sq. m
11 Whether College website is available and updated regularly?